Crosstex Sterilization Wrap 24" x 24" (100 ct)

$35.99 / bx

Add a fun burst of bubble gum scent to your dental office with TruFit™ Bubble Gum Scented Nitrile Gloves! TruFit’s scented gloves are soft, fitted and have a textured finger design for clinician comfort. They also help enhance the patient experience and ease anxiety.

These durable, medical-grade gloves are latex-free and ensure ultimate tactile stability! Minimum order of 1 box, 100 glove count per box.


  • Description
Use with EtO, steam, gamma irradiation, E-beam sterilization technology. Crosstex Sterilization Wraps have the highest bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) available.* These highly permeable sterilization wraps have a bacterial barrier to both airborne and waterborne contamination with outstanding liquid repellency to water, alcohol and iodine. An even texture permits immediate visual detection of small pinholes/tears. Meets flammable fabrics act (FFA) requirements. Size: 24" x 24"